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Lend Me Your Ear Productions began as a high school project. Katelyn Ericson, our artistic director, began producing

radio dramas in her living room with friends and family. Several years later, we produced our first stage production,

an original adaptation of Frank Capra's 1941, Meet John Doe.


Our early stage shows blended our past experience in radio dramas with traditional theater, resulting in live radio

shows where we took audiences into a 1940s radio station, complete with foley artist and live sound effects. This

form of storytelling has provided audiences with a unique theater-going experience and our actors with an

imaginative, flexible performance experience.

Since then we have been journeying further from the confines of the radio studio, but our love of storytelling that engages both the actors and the audience has not changed. We hope you will join us for our upcoming season.

At Lend Me Your Ear Productions, we seek to glorify God through the art of storytelling. We strive to provide a creative outlet for Christians in the fine arts community to practice and hone their craft while encouraging one another and building friendships.

A Word from the Director

I was seven years old when I saw a local youth theatrical production of Cinderella. After the show, while we were walking

back to our car, I turned to my parents and said, "I want to do that someday." That show sparked my love of theater, a

passion that has grown ever since.

Theater has become my favorite form of storytelling. Its ability to create a special, shared experience between the audience,

the cast, and crew is transformative. But what the audience sees is only a part of the beauty that makes up theater. Theater

is a place to build relationships, ignite imaginations, and grow confidence. It's truly rewarding and uplifting to watch a group

of mostly strangers become a close knit team of creative individuals working together to create an entertaining and

engaging evening for the audience.

As a Christian, I believe that the fine arts were created by God, the ultimate Creator, to play a key role in our lives. Whether it is film or music or art or theater, the arts at their best express God's love for His creation and a glimpse of His beauty. As my parents reminded me, God could have made all the flowers the same but instead He chose to create variety to show us His wisdom and majesty.

As a storyteller, one of my favorite phrases from the Bible is "Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables" (Matt. 13:34, NIV). Jesus knew the value of story to humans, how story is more likely to stay with us and how we find meaning in events in our lives and in our world - past and present - through story.

I hope that you enjoy our upcoming season. If you have enjoyed or been encouraged by a past production, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us and share about your experience. God bless!



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