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Auditions are open to all community members.  Whether you are new to theater or a lover of the art, you are most welcome!

Please email to stay up to date on community auditions. Actors may now sign up for auditions for our summer show.

Actors will need to prepare a 30 second to 1 minute audition piece. This can be a traditional monologue or an excerpt from a book. The piece can be dramatic or comedic, memorized or read. To sign up, please email You will receive an audition form and rehearsal schedule. Please fill out the form and bring it to the auditions. There is space on the form to write down past theater experience, but actors may bring their own resume and head shot if they wish. 


Auditions are private and will be approximately 5 minutes long, but please allow for some delay. Our costume designer may be on hand to take measurements. 


Callbacks are by invitation only. If an actor does not receive a callback, this does not mean they are not under consideration for a role or the ensemble. All actors cast in a show will pay a $35 production and script fee. Actors will additionally be responsible for finding costume pieces and accessories, under the guidance and assistance of our Costume Designer.

List of Roles

Jane Austen ~ late 30s, the audience's guide through the story. She interacts with some of the characters, but only a few are aware of her. 

Emma Woodhouse ~ 20, an intelligent young heiress, she is imaginative but quite selfish. She fancies herself particularly knowledgeable about people but lacks self-awareness. Her mother died when she was very young. Her governess, Miss Taylor raised her.

Mr. Knightley (George) ~ late 30s, the master of Donwell Abbey and Emma's brother-in-law. He has known the Woodhouses his entire life. He is 16 years older than Emma, and they have a frank, good natured relationship. He is the only one who sees Emma's weaknesses and brings them to her attention. 

Harriet Smith ~ 17, Emma's newest friend and protege. She is sweet tempered but naive and impressionable. She has no family or fortune, yet Emma decides to help her find a well-to-do husband.

Frank Churchill ~ early 20s, Mr. Weston's son by his first marriage, Frank has been raised by his domineering aunt, Mrs. Churchill. He is secretly engaged to Jane Fairfax. When he visits his father, he pretends to pursue Emma. His deception almost causes Jane Fairfax to end their engagement.

Mr. Elton ~ mid-20s, the rector of Highbury who wishes to advance his social status by marrying Emma. He has a very high opinion of himself.

Mrs. Weston ~ late 30s, Emma's governess, formerly Miss Taylor. Mrs. Weston lives half a mile from the Woodhouses with her husband at Randalls, their home. Mrs. Weston truly cares for Emma and sees no fault in her. She and Mr. Weston have a child at the end of the play.

Henry Woodhouse ~ Emma's elderly father. He is generous and good natured, but he believes everyone to have ill health like himself. Overly protective, he dislikes change.

Mr. Weston ~ late 40s, the Woodhouse's cheerful and optimistic neighbor. He and Mrs. Weston are eager that Emma and Frank should like each other and make a match.

Miss Bates ~ 40s, a kind and talkative neighbor who lives in Highbury with her elderly mother. She is Jane Fairfax's devoted aunt.

Jane Fairfax ~ 20, Miss Bates's poor niece. Emma finds her painfully reserved and too accomplished. Because Jane is poor but well-educated, everyone assumes that she will find employment as a governess. She is secretly engaged to Frank Churchill, but his flirtation with Emma angers her.

Mrs. Elton ~ 20s, Mr. Elton's bride. After Emma refuses Mr. Elton's proposal, Mr. Elton quickly marries a young woman with a considerable inheritance. Mrs. Elton arrives in Highbury, believing herself to be superior to all its inhabitants whom she views at provincial. 

Mrs. Bates ~ Miss Bates's elderly mother.

Robert Martin ~ 20s, a successful farmer who is a tenant of Mr. Knightley. He is in love with Harriet Smith.

Ensemble Members

 Servants and guests at the Westons' ball.

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